Turning 60!


Turning fifty is a milestone for most of us and for some it is even something stressful and sad. We want to live long, but not get old. Still, there are more birthdays to come; next big one is to turn sixty. However - if we embrace our age and look at all we have achieved and learned in life - it may not be as bad after all. It can even be great.

Name: Rhonie Black

Age: 60

Occupation: Licensed Clinical Social Worker, provides individual and couples therapy

Family: Husband

Lives in: Adrian, Michigan, USA

You recently turned 60 and look forward to a new decade with new adventures. Any special plans for the years to come, or just taking life as it comes and see what the future holds?

As you know I recently turned 60 on August 6th. I'm looking forward to this new decade as I plan to travel with my new husband of three years. We plan on traveling to Alaska next year. In the summer of 2019, we traveled to London, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

I have done a fair amount of traveling internationally but my husband has not had the opportunity. Right after college I lived in Brazil for two years and worked as a social worker for a church related agency. It was a life changing experience. I've travelled to Italy, Greece and Canada. We hope to visit many of the Western and North Western States in the USA as soon as the pandemic is under control.

I've been thinking more about pursuing hobbies, possibly painting. This will be a big leap for me as I am very left brained oriented but love fashion and color. I love to decorate and enjoy mixing colors together. I also hope to do more extensive gardening. I'm a fan of the British gardens.

I know that you look at Iris Apfel as a great role model. How important is it to have such you would say?

I love Iris Barrel Apfel because she represents being her own woman and is not afraid to ignore society's thought that older women should fade in the back ground. She represents to me spontaneity, creativity, courage and a feisty outlook! She does not allow others to determine how she acts. She is herself and is proud to be her unique self.

At age 60 I feel that I have achieved most of my goals and now look forward to having more fun and enjoy my life to the fullest. In my 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's I was focused on building my career and now I'm wiser and have achieved what I had in mind. I'm very happy with my life and my accomplishments.

Even with your positive attitude, life cannot always be a rose garden.

No my life has not always been a rose garden. At age 53, I decided to get a divorce from my husband of 25 years. I got married at age 28 and never thought that I would ever get a divorce. I took my marriage vows very seriously. However, my first husband and I grew emotionally apart and became distant. We sought counseling together but ultimately I felt emotionally neglected and lonely in the relationship. 

The more he pulled away the angrier I became and it was a cycle of anger and feeling that there had to be more to a marital relationship. He was shocked that I would seek a divorce as he was and still is a minister.

My strong faith in God helped me navigate some lonely times and I moved across the country to Texas be near family and then decided to take a risk to move to the Midwest. While in Ohio I met my current husband.

I met and married this wonderful guy in 2017 and we communicate so well and he cherishes our time together and I always feel loved and appreciated. I learned a lot from my first marriage. There were good times and bad times. Currently I'm in a wonderful season of life filled with love, appreciation, fulfilling career and new opportunities and much more wisdom! 

I believe that each of us learn lessons from situations and people that we meet. If we embrace that, we will live life to its fullest regardless of which age we are at.