"To me color represent love and life"


"For me, colors represent love and life". That is what the lady in this interview says, and who can say anything else? How boring it would be without colors, especially if we never saw them on clothes. Looking at all the pictures on her instagram really confirm that. Take a look for yourself, https://www.instagram.com/myover50style/, and read this interview. I can almost promise that you sit with a smile on your face afterwards.

Name: Theresa Judith Orina

Age: 54

Occupation: Mathematics Lecturer, Resource Speaker, IT network support

Family: Three daughters, Dawn 28, Kaye 27 and Justine 24, son Ralph 30. Divorced but in a relationship.

Lives: Kortenberg, Belgium

On your site you say that "Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." May it be that we assess others from their clothes whether we know it or not?

Yes. Style is something innate in us. It doesn't lie. It's a personal construction, an expression of our deep desire and taste. I see fashion trend popping up and going around at any given time, but whether I follow what is on trend, the way I wear clothes and accessories together depends on how I perceived my own style. I don't have to keep up with what is on the latest trend, because my idea of what to wear is just pooling in me subconsciously of its own accord.

Even people who say they don't care what they wear choose clothes every morning that say a lot about them and how they feel that day. After putting on everything I wanted to wear on a day, I look at myself in the mirror, and if I see a smile comes up from the person in the mirror, then my day becomes brighter and confidence become stronger.

You are from Asia but live permanently in Belgium in Europe. Have you kept your style or adapt to the Belgian dress code, if one can talk about such?

I'm from the Philippines, and we don't really wear traditional clothes except when there are events with themes on it. Our fashion sense has been influenced by the Americans and Belgium has no dress code either. So, there was really no form of transitioning to Belgian fashion from my personal style. I always keep my fashion style regardless of what is on trend.

On your Instagram you show a lot of colorful clothes and also many with bold patterns. Some women feel a bit hesitant to that, especially when they are a bit older and have got used to the style that they may have had for decades. Are we too scared about being seen, especially when we get a bit older?

There are a lot of style guides and tips for women over 50, and even if fashion is inhabited by younger women, for me, there are no rules.

I love clothes with vibrant colors and with bold patterns. For me, colors represent love and life. I love wearing bright bold colors and prints because they make me happy, and if my closet contains plain and neutrals, they must have been gifts from my family and friends wanting me to try them too. I don't basically dislike neutrals, but I still prefer colors.

As I get older, I'm feeling a lot more comfortable in myself and learning to be more comfortable in my style. You have to have fun with fashion, and it's important not to get stuck in just one look. I pick and choose depending on how I feel, because for me, fashion is about feelings.

For women over 50, we should not be scared being seen showing clothes we are happy wearing on, regardless of our age, size and skin color.

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