Some women are creative and do many things in life. Rose Bruno Bailey is one of them. But she does not do things only for herself, she makes time for others. Is there a better way to feel more alive than doing something for our fellow humans? Did you know that people who volunteer live longer lives? A win-win situation!

Name: Rose Bruno Bailey

Age: 53

Occupation: Writer, poet, author, blogger and philanthropist

Family: Husband James and three beloved cats: Spanky, Max and Cosmo

Lives in: Houston Texas, USA

You have been a dancer and you are a poet, writer and author. Also you are running a vegan weight loss/wellness blog. Seems as you have done many different things in life.

It didn't begin that way, sometimes life takes you in an unplanned direction. I started dancing in my teens and went to college for theater and dance. Dancing was my first love, my first creative outlet. Although I was an avid reader and sometime artist, dance and theater were my main passions. At the age of 38 my husband James and I moved to Connecticut, when he took a position with the ESPN Network. I thought we would be close enough to NYC so I could take dance classes and audition. There were no local trains to NYC though and not much for me to do.

My best friend Melissa's suggested I start writing poetry, which I did in 2005, and I couldn't stop. I loved writing. We soon moved to NYC, to Los Angeles and San Francisco. My many moves fueled my writer's muse. All of a sudden I was not only writing poetry but memoirs, articles and essays for magazines. My first book of poetry, Camellia in Snow was published in 2015 and I ran my weight loss blog from 2013 to present. I sponsored a charity with each ten pounds I lost and helped several charities in Los Angeles and San Francisco, blogging about my journey.

My blog rekindled my love for fitness and helping others as I discovered yoga, running races and appeared in a Richard Simmons video. My work has been published in online and print magazines. It's been the most amazing journey and I never planned any of it, in the beginning I just wanted to dance.

Furthermore you have created something called Letters From Uncle Louie, which is a Facebook group. The members write letters to elderly people living in senior homes. Where did you get the idea and how does it work?

I wanted to do something to help others during these challenging times, particularly senior citizens. Years ago I talked about creating a charity called Adopt a Grandparent. I'm not losing weight as quickly as I was when I started my blog, so helping charities with each ten pounds wasn't an option anymore. My mind is always coming up with ideas, and I write them down for future endeavors. I thought how can we help our seniors during this crisis of Covid 19. I've always felt a kinship with our elder generation.

The idea was writing two letters a month to seniors who are living in homes and may be lonely. I named it after the elderly man down the street I would visit as a child. There was an elderly couple I would visit and I called the man Uncle Louie. He would let me climb up in the cabinets and concoct creative snacks. He told me stories about being in the war and even meeting kings. He let me sit in his wicker throne that he told me was gifted to him from a great king in the South Pacific. It was in those moments I developed my compassion for our elderly.

I thought about waiting to start the Facebook group but I did it on a whim, and I'm incredibly humbled at how quickly it's taking off. I'm so impressed how many kind people want to help seniors by writing to them twice a month. We are only three weeks old and already we have taken on four senior homes and are in the process of taking on even more, this is just the beginning. I'm so excited to see how far this little idea can go, and I'm so grateful to the members who continue to stun me with their compassion for our elderly generation.

One can have an idea, but it takes a team to execute it to become something great.

You have been on a weight loss journey and you talk about refocus. Would you like to expand on how you refocus your mindset during challenging times?

I won't bore you with some of my challenging moments in the last few years, but I will share how I choose to refocus. You can choose to be miserable or choose joy. I choose joy. When life gets complicated and messy I find helping others takes the focus off of my own personal problems and let me refocus by giving back, which is incredibly rewarding. I also believe refocus is needed when you find yourself not taking care of yourself. Is your body a temple or a trash can?

Sometimes you need a reset, to eat clean natural food, to move your body more and make time to meditate/pray and find balance within. As humans we are works in progress, achieving highs and lows. We have moments when we falter, and taking the time to switch the mindset back to healthy choices and positive manifestation takes work, but it's so worth it.

Thoughts become things; refocus your thoughts so you can live the life you are meant to live. It may take some time to learn a new habit, but you will feel the benefits of the changes immediately. The journey is just as valuable as the destination. 

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