Outfits for women over 50


Style is important to many of us and sometimes we may need some help to get it right. At times just looking at pictures will give us inspiration to find something new and there are lots of social media, blogs, magazines and so on to find it at. However, if we still find it hard and have had the same out of date style for too long, we can always take help from a stylist. Read more and find inspiration from the interview this week.

Name: Deborah

Age: 54

Occupation: Personal stylist

Family: One daugther

Lives: Exeter, England

You are a personal stylist. Do you help women of all ages and why do they turn to you?

Yes I help women of all ages. The feedback I get from most people is that I look "effortlessly" stylish and I think that is something that everyone aspires to. My style is easy to copy as I don't wear anything outlandish and with the focus on "sustainable fashion", even the younger generations are looking to base their wardrobes on key pieces and investment items.

On your instagram account - dressaholicstyle - you show a lot of lovely outfits, and you have many followers. Would you say that our urge for style has increase?

I certainly do as social media has now enabled us to show our daily outfits to the world and many people are looking for that individual style that reflects their personality and attitude. It's a great way of connecting with like minded people, supporting them and receiving that support in return.

Many of us have had quite the similar style for many years, and although we would like an update, it feels as a huge step. How can we do the change and still be comfortable?

We all have a comfort zone. If I tell my clients that I want to get them out of theirs they instantly feel uncomfortable however I promise to find them a new comfort zone by discovering a style that they would actually rather wear than what they were wearing previously. It all comes down to confidence and not feeling obliged to comply or fit in. The most compliments are received when we wear something that others aren't expecting

Most of us women over fifty see changes in the shape of our body. What is your advice to still look good? Would you say that there are any no-no's?

Well I have certainly noticed a change in my shape since I reached my 50's. My breast size has increased but on a plus note that encouraged me to have a professional bra fitting and what a difference that has made. I feel more confident in my clothes than I ever did before. The menopause isn't particularly pleasant to our bodies and the only way to fight back is with healthy eating and regular exercise especially weight bearing exercises.

Do NOT restrict your calories too much. Smaller regular meals with plenty of protein, unrefined carbohydrates and good fats are so important to keeping our metabolism going, otherwise the body will just store more fat and it all seems to land on the abdomen which is no good for our health.

Dress to suit and enhance your shape. The right outfit can instantly knock half a stone off! I wouldn't say there are any particular "no-no's" as we are all individual, but personally if my top half reveals a lot of flesh then my legs are covered and vice versa. I also believe that well fitting tailored items, sheer hosiery and darker denims will always ooze class and elegance for women over 50.

Check out Deborah's Instagram for inspiration: https://www.instagram.com/dressaholicstyle/

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