Meet an Australian entrepreneur


Today meet a woman who has not only left the life as an employee to be an entrepreneur, but is now also helping other women who want to start their own business. Many have a dream to do so, but not all are brave enough, or perhaps it all seems too troublesome. Life is usually easier when one only goes to work and do the job, on the other hand it can be very rewarding to also be the owner of the company, even how small it is. Read ad find out what made this lady follow her dream.

Name: Leslie Hawkins

Occupation: Women's business mentor and sales coach

Age: 65

Family: Single (in relationship)

Lives: Bargara, Queensland, Australia

You have your own business where you are coaching women to be able to fulfill their dreams. What drove you to become a business coach?

I'd always been an employee predominantly in sales roles, and I was sick and tired of trading five days a week every week, having KPI's to meet every month to make somebody else rich. My life was slipping away and I became more and more unhappy when I thought that I was losing who I was in the process of working just to survive and pay the bills. I desperately wanted to work on my terms, doing what I love doing to help other women heal their past and recreate themselves to have the freedom of time to do what they love doing while making great income.

For many years you were like most of us - employed and therefore worked for someone else. What is the biggest difference having your own business compared to being employed?

Having my own business has meant I have had to change my thinking and take responsibility for outcomes. I am so grateful that I have come this far on my growth journey. I have learnt that growing a business is more about growing my inner game and transforming from the inside out. I wouldn't change it for anything. It is simply empowering. Not easy at all, because I have had to face my fears and insecurities, but that is where we overcome and change ourselves in order to change our results.

You are living and working in Australia. Would you say that many women start their own companies there or does it stay as a dream for most?

This is an awesome question because while the country needs some of the population to be happy to work as employees, the number of women who have the heart of an entrepreneur is constantly increasing. More than 600 000 women in Australia actually have started businesses. The failure rate is 96 per cent, and this is one of the reasons why I am here to teach women what they need to know and do in order to become more successful.

That is a great figure. Do you think that it has some connection with that more 50 plus women become entrepreneurs?

In matter a fact it is women in their mid to late 40's who are the ones starting their own business mainly. As a coach, I find that older women, 55 plus, have lost a lot of confidence and self worth and self belief. Therefore in my experience, they super benefit from mindset work to heal past emotional wounds that are holding them back, and also reprogramme the old limiting beliefs so that they can have a renewed sense of enthusiasm for their future planning. If they got this help, I'm sure more of them would take the plunge. 

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