Invisible after 50? Absolutely not!


Being middle aged makes most of us reflect about life and sometimes the conclusion is not as bright as we want it to be. For Kathy Marris her feeling of being invisible led to a blog where she shares a lot of things about life and she is certainly not invisible any longer. She now inspires other women with posts about many different things. 

Name: Kathy Marris

Age: 61

Occupation: Freelance writer and blogger

Family: Married with two children

Lives: Kingscliff, New South Wales, Australia

Your blog  brings up many issues for women 50 plus. Where does the inspiration come from and how do you pick subjects?

Around six years ago I was working as a bookkeeper in an office, having just said goodbye to my second child as he moved out of home, felt very bored with my life and despondent. I felt like an invisible woman! I started writing short articles about my experiences of being a 50 something year old in a lighthearted and humorous manner.

Eventually I decided I would like to start up my own blog and publish these articles with the intention of making women of my age feel like they weren't alone and hoping to inspire them to embrace their age and do more with their lives. 50 Shades of Age was born and I have never looked back. 

As the blog has evolved it has transitioned more into a travel and lifestyle blog. However I do write about other things as well, for example technology, which one usually won't see on a blog like mine, but I find it important to not fall behind.

For many women in my age group one of the biggest challenges is technology in this ever-changing world. Fortunately I'm able to keep abreast of most technology changes as I work for a company in the hotel marketing and sales sector writing website content and blogs, so I have to be up to date. There are times when I feel in over my head with technology because there are new advancements every single day.

My advice is to take short courses and workshops in technology. These are sometimes available at your local library, TAFE college (if you live in Australia), or try some online courses. Otherwise I find other bloggers are a world of information and I'm part of Facebook groups that are also a great source when you have a technological issue.

It is six years since you stated the blog and it is still your passion. Did it turn out the way you hoped?

Yes my blog is definitely still my passion. As is travel! I get immense pleasure out of travelling throughout Australia and the world, taking photos and writing about my experiences on the blog. Although I initially thought I was going to make heaps of money from my blog, I would have to say that the blog didn't quiet work out the way I hoped. However what was surprising was the following I collected and the many wonderful over 50 women that I have connected with through this experience.

Your blog is well organized with much information and with many nice pictures. If someone reading this interview would like to start a blog of their own, what would your tip be?

Thank you. Photography is one of my hobbies and I always try to post beautiful photos of the destination that I'm visiting on the blog.

My tip for those starting a blog would be not to set your expectations too high. There is a lot more competition around these days in the blogging world and you may set yourself up for disappointment if you think you're going to make heaps of money from a blog. If you're starting up a blog for enjoyment then I would say "go for it"!

You wanted to inspire and you really do, but is there anything that we cannot do after 50, or is everything still possible?

The saying "the mind is willing and the body is weak" springs to mind! I think mentally we are still on our game after the age of 50, but sometimes you can't physically do the things you used to do. Otherwise I think the possibilities are endless and the over 50's should continue to challenge themselves every living day.