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Ever felt that you want some new energy and inspiration? Perhaps a retreat meeting other women and discuss life's issues is what you need? The woman of this week knows exactly what charges our batteries and she even arrange retreats where people can connect and vent their thoughts and bring new energy back home to their everyday life. But even if you can not go to a retreat, you can follow her on social media and get inspiration.

Name: Alice Edgerton

Age: 54

Occupation; Author, speaker, leader of Women's retreats, organizer of Life events and wellness coach

Family: Husband (Ricky), children: Gabrielle 26, Joshua 24, Renea 36 and Jenny 34

Lives: Yorktown, Virginia, the USA

You are very active on the internet. What is it that you want to bring about?

Women go through many, many seasons in our lives. In our early twenties we are starting out being independent, in a new job, having fun with our friends and so on. Then we enter into marriage and this season is where we learn how to cohabit and responsibilities in a relationship.

The next season we have kids and our focus totally shifts on raising these human beings to be the best they can be and support them emotionally, physically and psychologically for 18 years.

Then we go to a new season again and we wake up and realize that we are in our midlife entering our 50's. This season can be full of challenges, struggles, loneliness and depression. For some it is glorious and an opportunity to spread our wings and have new adventures, but not for all unfortunately.

Also you are arranging retreats for women and the response has been very positive. What is it that makes them so inspiring?

My mission has been to create a community of sisterhood where women can come together and encourage, inspire and lift one another up for whatever this season may hold for them. When we have put our focus on raising our kids for 18 years and that community of friends left when they feel lost and lonely.

Where do we go to connect with new friends in our 50's? We wonder about where life is heading as we enter menopause and we have a flood of emotions and feel like our head is spinning around. We may even think that we are the only ones feeling this way until you surround yourself with a positive group of women that say, YES, I have those feelings also.

I want women to know when they ask themselves, "What's next"? and "What is my purpose now"? that there is a community to let them know they have unique gifts placed inside each and every one of them.

In this season of our life many of us ask ourselves, what is next? You are in contact with many women, what is your experience when it comes to this next phase?

My Live retreats bring small groups of women together for a three day weekend that is all-inclusive. You do not plan anything, you do not worry about activities, you do not worry about your food. Everything is all covered. We focus on the mind, body and soul all weekend long. It is a time for you!

As women we are sacrificial lambs and we give to everyone and everything except ourselves. So when our cup is empty how is it replenished? You have to take care of yourself so you are able to give your best self to everyone else and that responsibility may be aging parents now and grandchildren. Women leave Recharged, Renewed and Refreshed.

I know myself how difficult it can be. When my last child left for college I found myself in a great depth of loss. I did not know what my identity was or what was my purpose anymore. Until I realized one day that I could not say in the depths of that loneliness I had to start learning who I was all over again because I was a person before I was a mom. I dove into self development books, and got out of the house looking for a new community that I could grow with. Since then a lot have happened. 

It sounds fantastic and you are of course right, we must take care of ourselves to be good to others. But how about yourself, do you manage to live like you preach?

I absolutely practice what I preach. I would not be authentic and able to serve anyone else if I did not totally take care of myself. My morning routine is a must. I teach this in my trainings and I teach it at my Live Women's Retreats.

It is so important to get a hold of your day very first thing or it will run you. What we feed our mind and bodies first thing is also critical for the way we think and make decisions during the day. I also take a pilates class four days a week. I drink at least 70 oz. of water a day. I meal prep every Sunday night for the week so I am not making poor food choices during the week and I block schedule my time. These are all the key things I teach.

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