I let the weight go and my soul woke up!


It is spring and many wants to be slimmer, and also we care more and more about our health as we grew older. We know it will not be better unless we put some effort in it. and we need to do so, even if we are not big. Some women are healthy from early years and it is the normal way of living for them. But many suddenly find themselves with some extra weight that did not use to be there, or they realize that they have a too comfortable lifestyle. Some would say it is harder to change the way of life when you are a little older, but not all agree, like this week's lady. Finding the right way to do it may be the answer. Perhaps this interview will support you in a change if you are one of us who would like to do so.

Name: Pamela Franklin

Age: 53

Occupation: Certified health coach

Family: Two grown girls who are 24 and 28

Lives: Maryland, USA

You have done an amazing transformation with your body and that after the age of 50. What made you do this and do you think it was more difficult than if you would have been younger?

Honestly, not at all. The program made it so easy for any age.

There is a health program called optavia that you joined. There are both positive and negative words about it. What was it that worked so well for you and would you say it is for all?

For me it was the simplicity! Everything is figured out for you! I loved the education component as it got my mind right about food for the first time in my life!! I loved the health coach component as you have someone to be accountable to! It is for all as we have programs for teens, nursing moms, diabetics! The program can be altered for those with certain allergies!

It's never too late to change and be healthier, and we all want to feel well when we are older and the body is not as strong as it used to. Then it may be even harder to carry around a lot of overweight, especially for women when the skeleton become more fragile and we risk breaking something.

Now you are a health coach. Do you work with all age groups?

I work with anyone who wants to trust me and make a change! My youngest client was 17. My oldest was 78!

Even if there are plenty of examples of women over 50 starting a new and healthier life, many also have given up since long. How shall we encourage ourselves to change life style when we love the goodies of life and perhaps are not the sporty type?

This program is so good because you do not have to exercise! You can't out exercise your fork, you have to learn how to eat. We teach new habits of health that will carry you into maintenance and beyond! Once you meet your weight goal, I, as a health coach, will transition you off and help you keep the weight off. I feel so amazing that I don't want to put things that aren't good for me in my body. Can I have a cookie? Sure! But in moderation. This is what we teach! If your why is bigger than your excuse, you can do anything!

Finally, what have been the best about your life changing journey?

It's not just the 58 lbs I lost, it's the life I gained! The weight was weighing my body, mind and spirit down! I let the weight go and my soul woke up! Now I wake up with so much passion to help others feel this amazing!! It is truly life transforming!