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Eating the right food, exercise and living a healthy life. Sounds easy but can be very difficult. But does it have to be? We all want to stay fit, look good and of course to have good health, but we also know that it is easier said than done. However, just small changes can make huge difference. This week's featured woman is a health and wellness guru and despite the age of 65 she still lives an active life and has no plans of slowing down. We may not all be able to be as fit, but we can all improve, and make small changes in our day to day life. This story really shows that even if life is all but salubrious it is possible to do something about it. Be inspired!

Name: Debra Mazda

Age: 65

Occupation: author "Eating my secrets", motivational speaker, health/wellness expert

Family: single, dog Chanel, cat Phoebe

Lives: West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

You are a real fitness guru, but some decades ago your weight was 300 lbs/137 kg. That is a lot to carry around. Even with the motivation it must have been hard to start exercise. How did you manage?

Many years ago, I weighed over 300 pounds, I was chronically depressed and in a very dark place. I was in an abusive relationship with an alcoholic, while my own addiction to food was my comfort, friend and saving grace back then. I was an emotional eater who was slowly going further and further into a world that I was not sure I could or would come out of, but I did. It is amazing the strength one has when one is pushed to the limit. My mind would be put to the test and within time I would surely discover what courage I possessed.

Have survived sexual abuse and using food as my comfort my weight escalated over time. In my 20's, at over 300 pounds, I decided that I had enough and found the courage and strength to begin my personal journey back upward and I started with exercise. With the help of God I found the courage to walk into a fitness center where everyone was a size 2. I met a bodybuilder named John who helped me and never judged me, and I took my first fitness class weighing over 300 pounds. It was a now or never moment. This began the journey for my change that is still evolving today.

I had been on every diet on the market, but it wasn't until I began to exercise that I lost weight but more importantly I began to feel so much better. Sometime later, I walked into a Richard Simmons Anatomy Asylum, became the training director, and never looked back. I eventually lost over 130 pounds and still have my weight off 30 years later. Exercise was the catalyst for me and that motivated me to create Shapely girl fitness DVD's for plus size women. I know how hard it is to get moving but your life is worth it.

You are talking about the aha-moment. What do you mean by that?

Like I said, I was the diet queen, uppers downers, injections, starvation, binging, weight watchers, diet pills, and nothing worked long term. It was not till I thought I was having a heart attack and was told I was obese that nothing sank in to my brain. That was my aha moment!

I talk in depth about this moment and about health/healing/hope in my new book "Eating my secrets". I became focused, determined and nothing was going to stop me. Once I realized that dieting was getting me nowhere fast, I took matters into my own hands. I began to breathe and learned how to live. I started not only to eat better but befriended food. I realized I was in control. I had the power not the diet. No longer was I focused on negative thoughts about myself. While that was many years ago, and those days are far gone, today I live a very different life. Learning how to move, think positive and use food as fuel and nourishment for my body to move changed my life.

Another interesting thing about your weight loss is that you began by cutting your portions in half.

Back in the 70's obesity or being overweight was almost unheard of. Most people were a normal size; today two out of three women are either overweight or obese. When I decided to make life changes after being told I was fat and obese I had to find out how to eat differently. However, there was not a lot about nutrition for me to read that would be a help. I had to take matters in my own hands and came to conclusion that if I ate only half of what I normally ate that would do it and it did.

A normal breakfast for me back then was a rack of ribs, three or four eggs drowning in butter, quart of OJ and two to three biscuits again drowning in butter. Today, as a professional I know a lot about foods and tell women this, stop dieting, it is not the answer! Food is not the enemy, it is vital to find out what will work for your life, such as environment, daily schedule, culture, and certainly your lifestyle.

Would you say that a lot of food and eating issues are due to bad habits and not hunger?

Yes, I would. Emotional eating has it grips on a lot of women not matter what size they are. Food becomes comfort, friendship and a friendly night out for a lot of women. Eating out of boredom, sadness, shame, or for whatever we use it for can be easier than to look at what we might be eating emotionally for. The move more, eat less philosophy is so complicated but we need to search inside to figure out what is eating us.

Emotional eating has nothing to do with hunger, there is a hole inside of us and for million food is the comfort to fill that hole. For me, pray and God has played such a part of my recovery. God has been with me thru it all and I give him the glory for pulling me out of the miry clay and he has never let me down even when I wanted to crawl in a hole and hibernate.

You are now 65 years old, how do you manage to stay healthy and not put on weight again?

It can be very challenging but at 65, I feel fabulous and am in great health. I do not take any medications, I eat well, stopped binging many years ago. I sleep 6 - 8 hours per night and workout 4 - 5 days a week. I have some minor aches and pains every now and then, but I attribute my great health to my lifestyle. I do fast two days a week for health reasons. I give my digestive system a much-needed break to relax. On the other days I eat pretty much what I want to, but 90 percent of my calories are from healthy nutritious foods. My body is my temple and appreciate how it functions and I trust my decisions, while not thin I am loving myself and respect my body. Do I eat junk food? Yes sometimes, though not a lot, but if I want it I have it. This is what works for me, find out what works for you!

I know that you have inspired many women to embrace a healthy living. Now you have also written a book, would you like to tell some about it?

My book is called "Eating my secrets" and is a book about health, healing and hope. This is not a diet book, it is a book about my journey to health and wellness. I also have interviewed and added other women's stories. I talk about my own sexual abuse, binge obsession, chronic depression, my weight, and how thru all of those setbacks, trials, doubts, fear and shame how God lifted me up and I was able to come out and taste the victory! It is a fascinating story.

And to all who want to take the step, but hesitate. How shall they get started?

Take a deep breath, know you are worthy to look and feel better. Just take that first step and continue one step at a time. This is a journey not a destination. We are constantly evolving and so take the ride, move your body, eat well, laugh at yourself, have a great support system and know that you got this!

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