Having your own style


Living in New Your City, the place where things are always happening and the town never sleeps, it takes a lot to stick out, but some manage. This lady sure did and she did it with style and taste, not just differ because of the sake of it. Read her interesting story and do not forget to take a look at her colorful pictures on Instagram.

Name: Dayle of @artfulcitystyle

Occupation: Retired advocate

City: New York City, USA

To you personal style has always been important and to dress is more than just putting on clothes. You were even stopped at the street by a photographer wanting to take your picture.

Getting dressed is a creative outlet for me. It is a form of self-expression. I have always enjoyed playing with accessories and putting together my own look.

I have often had people snap my photo on the street without asking permission. When @dentontaylor approached me saying he was a street fashion photographer who wanted to take my picture, I was pleased that he actually asked me! That photo and chance encounter ended up being a life-changing experience.

We started doing photo shoots together and he started an Instagram account for me, since I was not on any social media. As a result, he became a dear friend and @artfulcitystyle just took off.

You name your style as artful city style. What do you mean by that?

My Instagram is @artfulcitystyle because I believe that putting oneself together is an art and because I am drawn to clothing and jewelry made by artists. I live in New York City and a large urban environment supports a lot of diversity in style.

Sometimes people tend to confuse the concepts style and fashion. To you there is a clear difference. Would you like to explain?

Style is about personal expression and fashion trends come and go. For me, "fashion" brings up images of designers and current trends, whereas style is more about personal expression. Style comes from within and has more to do with identity. With fashion, the focus is on the clothing. What is considered fashionable is constantly changing. Style is about how an individual expresses herself or himself through the clothing choices she or he makes.

You say that clothes make you happy. Why do you think it affects us so much?

Feeling like I look good can totally change my mood. I think it is a matter of feeling confident and feeling good in my body. I also derive pleasure from putting an outfit together. I can start with an accessory or a piece of clothing and build from there. It satisfies my creative urges!

And a final word to all those women saying that they are too old to use specific colors, big patterns or to differ from others too much, what is your advice to them?

I think women should have fun with clothing. If someone is feeling shy about experimenting with color, she could start with a colorful accessory. I think there are some things-like midriff tops and micro-miniskirts-that are not age appropriate for older women, but color and print should not be left out of one's wardrobe because of age. 

I find on my Instagram that the strongest response I get is always when I am wearing strong colors. 

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