Corona times and being social


Corona times and many of us are forced to stay inside. It is a global pandemic and a different situation from anything we have experienced before. Some feel much stressed, others takes it with more calmness. But regardless, social life is important, and this week's lady who is very active on social media and have her web page, arrange internet meetings. A great idea, and using modern technique may even give us new friends.

Name: Maricia D C Johns

Age: 67

Occupation: Lifestyle Blogger

Family: Husband, two daughters, one son in law and one grandson

Lives in: Fort Worth, Texas, USA

In many countries there are strict rules these days. How limited are the citizens where you live?

In the state of Texas, we were asked to shelter in place which for the most part people did. As with all states that had the same type of order, there was a run on the grocery stores for supplies that people thought were needed. It hasn't been very hard to stay at home since almost all businesses and all schools were closed.

Going out has consisted of going to the grocery store, pharmacy, service station and a few other places to purchase necessities. With social distancing in place, many businesses have become quite creative with their new norm. There is curbside service, delivery service, you can drive up and they will put your items in your trunk - you never have to leave your car. Places of worship are now online or held while the members sit in their cars.

As a college instructor I have been able to work from home which means that I have to have a routine. I find that I work better if I get up, get dressed and put on earrings. It makes me feel like I am at the office.

As a woman of a certain age, I find that I am not bored during this time of sheltering in place - there is so much to do when you are not rushed.

How do you handle the stress of being home all day?

Since I am able to work from home, I do have things that break up the day. As I stated earlier I do get up and get dressed. It's something about getting dressed that puts me in the mood to work.

I have kept the same routine that I have had for several years. My morning starts with prayers, stretching, coffee, reading my favorite devotional and a little local news, then off to work. Having my husband work from home has been an adjustment, but we both find our places to work and it's okay.

Talking and seeing my family always makes me happy so we video call every day just to see each other. It does help that I am able to see my sister every day. The one thing that I know keeps the stress away is that I find a way to exercise each day. There are videos on the television. I attend a zoom exercise class and more. Sitting all day can be very stressful.

Even if you get on well, are you pleased with how the authorities have handled the situation?

The authorities in the state of Texas in my opinion did a good job with the situation for the most part. There were some people in positions that had ideas and/or opinions that I personally did not agree with. The first place in Texas that I heard of doing a large shut down was the city of Houston with their stock show and rodeo. The event was in progress but after cases of the virus began to spike, they cancelled the remainder of it. This caused uproar within the entire state.

I think the officials did the correct thing. It has now been shown that events with large crowds can rapidly enhance the spread of the virus. In this case the mayor and city council of Houston had to make a decision on the side of caution. It did cause financial hardships for the participants in the stock show and rodeo. Houston has the largest rodeo and stock show in the state of Texas with hotels and restaurants counting on the revenue, but a decision had to be made, and there would be no winners.

You invite ladies to internet meetings. Have you noticed a bigger interest as time passes by since the pandemic began?

This question is too funny because it seems everyone is on some sort of conference call, video call or webinar. Our meetings have been informative and fun. We have tried to learn while keeping ourselves entertained.

We've had a meet and greet where we just talked about ourselves, what we liked, what we had been doing while sheltering in place. It was girl talk. On our second meeting we had a presenter that discussed skincare. The talks have also included our favorite books and why we like them.

One of the most powerful meetings was a discussion about faith during this time which was led by a female minister. We've discussed how women take things differently than men, how stress can affect your health and more. We're getting ready to play bingo on the next one so it should be fun.

I think the meetings have been an outlet for the participants - in fact we missed a week, and the ladies asked what happened. After the shelter in place is lifted I know that as topics come up, we will do more of the get-togethers. These meetings give us an opportunity to just let our hair down, and we've made new friends.

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