Business woman and politician!


This interview is one with many angles as this week's woman is one on the go and with lots of things happening all the time. They say that it is important to take care of the time we have here on earth, and Jennifer Lind really does. Where does she find all her energy? Read and find out more. Perhaps most of us will not be able to keep up with her tempo, but we can sure be inspired and find support in the things we are doing and wants to do.

Name: Jennifer Hopper Lind

Age: 50

Occupation: Owner of the company Städsällskapet and am also a local politician

Family: Three daughters and two grandchildren

Lives: Huddinge/Stockholm

You do have a lot going on. First of all you have your own company with several employees and then you have several political assignments. Shall we begin with the work of yours? What is it that you are doing?

I run a biological facility company with 24 employees. I want to help companies get a cleaner and healthier working environment. The company has been around since 1997 when I started it.

Since several years you are also political engaged in your municipality. What made you get involved in the party and as a 50 plus woman, would you say that you see things in the society differently from when you were younger?

I have always wanted to work for people and justice. As an entrepreneur, I also have seen how small and medium-sized companies estimate a lot of money for the state, which then ends up in the municipalities. They are easy to dispose of with others' money. Then I find that many politicians do not see that someone has actually incorporated these taxes. I want to see that all taxes are used in the best way.

I think it is strange that politicians do not want companies to be profitable, and how strange it may sound, some doesn't want that. How should the state raise money if there are no companies?

When it comes to being a mature lady, I think the times have changed. It is probably easier to be a woman today in politics than twenty years ago. But it is important for women to stand up for their opinions regardless of any men who may experience the inconvenience when putting in feelings in the discussions. Being a strong woman obviously has a price tag that makes you uncomfortable. But if I do not push on the citizens' questions, then you are not doing what you are elected to do. However, many situations can be tough and uncomfortable. Still, as long as you feel that you are doing the right thing, you continue and you keep up with the politics.

How do you manage with so much going on? Do you ever get tired?

The important thing for me is to cope with everyday life in the best way. I sleep properly, do yoga and also often meditate. Then I try to take small weekend tours when I go away so I can rest and read. It has become more important for me also to meet people who give me feedback. Laughing is really important to me. It frees the mind and is a good tool also to get through tough decisions that you need to take in everyday life.

You also have grandchildren who you see as much as you can. Do you find enough time for children and grandchildren with so much on the go?

My oldest daughter and my grandchildren live far away in Malmö. I try to go down every two months for four to five days. In the summer I stay longer. We talk on the phone every day and thanks to facetime you can see each other and take part of the children's everyday life. My idea is to buy a summer cottage down towards Skåne, which is the region where Malmö is situated. Then I will be able to spend more time with my grandchildren and daughter with husband. Even my brother lives in Skåne/Lund with his family.

Even if the generation of yours is not one that sits quiet, still many women do not claim the space they have the right to. What is your thought about that?

Unfortunately, I see that many women do not dare to take a seat on various board assignments. There is also a still uneven relationship like taking care of the home etcetera. Although women today can get help with cleaning and laundry, I think it is important to enable women to take more place in society. We are still working very much in the patriarchal old way.

I can unfortunately also see that many women oppose other women by valuing things in old traditional ways. This means that society and old structures do not have to change. The women keep the women from power. It's called patriarchal sisters and it's something that you don't talk so often about. I believe this is the most important thing to work with. If we want more woman taking power in the world, we shall support each other. 

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