Building confidence


Suddenly in the middle of the life thoughts about doubt and not being good enough may come. We have lots of life experience and yet we are not sure we are capable to do what we want. But the thoughts have big power and that is what today's woman told herself. And guess what? It has really worked! Let you be inspired.

Name: Isabelle Nanin

Age: 50

Occupation: Women's Empowerment Coach

Family: Married and have two dogs

Lives in: Quito, Ecuador

You say that you had self doubt and felt that others succeed, but not you. From where did that come?

I suppose that when we start something new we are always afraid of the unknown and we feel that we do not have the qualities or the right tools to succeed. I used to think that way and admire the others who could do what they set their mind on.

So I started to embrace my fear, dancing with it so to speak. I identified where I was scared and looked for a solution: learning new skills, asking for help and believing in myself and looking back at what I had already achieved. It was a lot and it has allowed me to take the plunge. Sometimes it turned out differently than expected and usually much better.

Still you have done brave things in your life and you have even moved from France to Ecuador, which is another continent. Sure you must have both self esteem and self confidence?

I have to smile as some people would say that it is an escape or that I am crazy to have done that because from France I moved to England and stayed 14 years. I realised that my English was very poor and since I had studied trade business, I needed to feel comfortable dealing in English with potential customers.

I lived in Sheffield and worked in the steel industry. You might think that steel is not a very feminine product but I loved it. I had a good job (travelled to open new markets), a nice house plus great friends, but I felt that something was missing. So I sold everything and left.

My original plan was to go back to France permanently but when I was 18, I had a dream which I wanted to fulfil before going back to France: travelling to South America. I stayed a few months in France to prepare my 4,5 months' trip and then, went back-packing on my own in South America; best experience in my life. I started in Chile, then Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and finally Ecuador, my true home for the past 11 years.

I knew I had to leave England, closed that chapter and I am glad to have listened and followed my heart. No regrets. Just do it! So yes, even if there are doubts sometimes I guess I have had the self confidence to do things in life.

You are about to turn 51 and for many people taking the step from 49 to 50 can be very emotional. Did you feel it was for you?

Not at all. I feel much better in my 50's than in my 20's. I am more confident now. I have accepted my love-handles ha ha, if one shall be a bit shallow, and also some of my personality features. They are part of me and they make me unique. Still some work to do though but enjoying the journey which is to work on self-development to be the best version of myself.

Three years ago, I met a great Ecuadorian man I now share my life with. So really, life can change for the best and age is not an issue.

Now though, you have created a "powerful affirmation" to build your self esteem, to use your words. Tell me more about the strategy.

When my inner critic voice starts, I am now aware that I need to change my mind set to shift the negative thought and the emotion linked to it. So I breathe and use my powerful affirmation: "I believe in myself because I have everything in me to make whatever I set my mind to: Success". I do repeat it several times. Words are so powerful to calm the mind and change the emotion.

Who was my inspiration to not give up and believe in myself some may wonder? The answer is the strong women in my family: my mum and my grand-mothers. I often think about what they achieved in their lives and it gives me power and energy to carry on with what I have set my mind to do.

Any final word?

Follow your heart! If you really want to do something, go for it. If you are scared, embrace the feeling and transform it to strength. Usually you have that strength within your heart. 

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