Being stylish has no age


Vanity. Some may say it is superficial, but most of us want to look good and being your best is not something bad, actually the opposite as we feel better inside when we look good on the outside. And the other way around of course. So we do try to take care of both inside and outside. Then again it is not always easy to know what to choose and looking good sometimes also comes with a price tag. But it does not have to be either difficult or expensive to be vain and beautiful and to make the best of ourselves. Take a peek on Laurie Bronze web site and you will find lots of tips about all from skin care to where to buy your new boots.

Name: Laurie Bronze

Age: 55

Occupation: Fashion-, beauty- and lifestyle blogger

Family: Married, three children and eight grandchildren

Lives: London

Your blog is called "Vanity & Me" and you also add: "Fashion & Beauty For The Mature Woman Not Ready To Hang Up Her High Heels". Could you tell about the name and the statement?

I found choosing a blog name really hard actually. If anyone reading this is thinking about starting a blog, you need to make sure that the name you choose is available for all media platforms and hasn't yet been taken. That way, it's easy for people to find and reach you on those platforms.

Vanity And Me popped up when my partner was helping me choose. When the suggestion was that blogging was for women who love themselves and constantly looking in the mirror! A total misunderstanding! Yes, I like to look after myself but I'm actually quite shy and my partner thought I wouldn't have the guts to put myself out there.

The tagline "not ready to hang up the high heels yet" means exactly that! Plus the fact that I'm only 5'2/157,5 so I need extra height! I'm not wearing skyscrapers but you can't beat a nice heeled shoe/boot to finish off a look.

What kind of response do you get from women who read your blog?

A lot of my readers like to read about new skincare tips. If I find something that's good I will be shouting about it. I receive lots of beauty products to try but if they don't make the grade then they don't get talked about. So when I'm writing about beauty products or a treatment that I've tried I'm quite passionate about it.

My fashion is very purse friendly. I love to shout about a bargain and I know my readers like that. I find my fashion everywhere. I dress classic and often look for high-end high street items in the sale plus I shop in cheaper stores; it all depends on the quality. I don't wear anything overly expensive on my website and I stick to my favourite brands. If the quality is not good it wouldn't be shown there.

When you were at senior school it happened that you traded your lunch money for Vogue Magazine and the interest for fashion has been following you through life. You have also had three hair salons. How do you look at style and fashion now as middle aged compared to when you were younger?

I feel a lot more confident in making my choices regarding fashion at my age. I know what will suit me and which new trends I can try and which ones to stay away from. When I was younger I would try everything! I'm cringing at the thought of some of my mistakes!

Ten years from now, where will you be then?

In ten years I will be 65! I'm really happy doing what I'm doing. Ok, I'm going to look a lot older in photos but I'm hoping my readers will stay and age with me.

My real dream would be to write an online magazine featuring my blogger friends I've made along the way. I can't imagine ever not blogging. I feel like I'm living the dream at the moment in my fifties (who'd have thought?) and I hope it will continue. I'm also learning the vlogging side. I've made a few films and there's a lot to learn! But do pop over for a nose. I could use the support!