Being colorful


It is never too late to be who you want and it is never too late to be colorful. At the age of sixty one can also be a great role model. One can find new interests and have dreams. Do you hesitate about such things? Then read this interview and you may very well decide to finally do what you have thought about but hesitated to do.

Name: Magdalena Jakubiec-Cichańska

Age: 60

Occupation: Art Historian, 50+ blogger

Family: Husband, two daughters, two grand-daughters

Lives in: Warsaw, Poland

You are a Polish woman who is all but main stream, even having some blue color in your hair. Many women in your country are a bit conservative with the way the look. How do they react to the way you dress?

I will start with the fact that I am 60 years old and I have not always been so colorful. In the past I was less brave and dressed rather monotonously, although I think that I always had a need to look for interesting and extraordinary things. But I was almost always wearing black. The courage came when I turned fifty. I was tired of the black color and sadness that had accompanied me since the divorce in 2000. Then I decided to change.

I remembered what it was like when I was a young girl. I studied art history so I have always loved beautiful and artistic things. As I said, it wasn't until I was fifty that I began to introduce color into my life and clothes. My image changed slowly. First, more colorful and bold clothes. Then a haircut. All this released desire for more. And then it went like an avalanche.

I started my blog "Pearls in the Big City" where I wanted to share my experience and show other women that transformation and dressing style in line with one's own personality was possible also at a mature age. Even in a country where such "extravagance" was not generally approved.

It was then that I created the slogan: "Dare to be yourself". I publish my own proposals but also pictures of mature women that I meet in the streets of Warsaw - living examples of my philosophy. I want to show 50+ women that it is not worth worrying about someone else's opinions. These people will go away and we stay to live our own lives. So it is better to do it in line with what we want and like. It's so good to feel well with yourself.

When I had my hair dyed, encouraged by my fashion designer colleague, I felt blue hair was my thing: this was it! Everything started to fall into place. Hair, clothes and dressing style.

People responded very well. My friends liked it and even strangers in the street came up to me and said that I had great hair. The reaction of people and friends assured me that this was the right direction. Finally, I stopped worrying about "what people will say". In our fairly conservative society, my image always draws attention. But I feel great. I feel that I am myself right now.

In some countries women are very colorful with brave patterns and they can be very stylish. Other places they are more plain. Any idea why?

I think that whether women are bolder and express it through their dressing style or whether they are more conservative and wear less colorful clothes depends on the place where they grew up. Their background is another thing with female models in the family - mothers and grandmothers they could observe.

I think that the models adopted to shape our own views have an enormous impact on how we perceive ourselves. In those countries where women can freely express their opinions without any restrictions imposed by religion or so called social norms, they will get dressed in a bolder, more colorful and original manner.

Poland is a conservative country and for many years remained isolated from western influence. From more advanced and modern societies. This has had a powerful impact on the system of values and self-esteem. Polish women are elegant but reserved in terms of fashion. They are less resilient to criticism. This is why they are afraid to stand out in the crowd. And it is reflected in their attitude to fashion and their looks.

I know that you encourage others to also dress the way they want and not the way they are expected to. How well do you manage? Many people want to change, but still do not do it.

Yes, I encourage women to be brave. To change certain habits in their dressing style. I keep telling them that the way we look depends solely on us. On our personality, temperament, taste, things we like ...

We should not adjust ourselves to other people's opinions. And definitely the argument that it is "age inappropriate" is unacceptable. Many women understand this and are very eager to change their existing dressing habits. The best argument is when I show them that it is possible to wear colorful and fancy clothes and there is nothing wrong with that!

I give them an example with my own dressing style but I also show other colorful women. And this is what my blog is about - to show such colorful Polish women! And I encourage others to follow suit. It works. Many women say: If she can do it - I can do it as well, and they change their looks. It gives them a lot of joy and satisfaction. Our group of brave women is increasingly bigger and bigger and we motivate others who need acceptance and support to "dare to be themselves". I feel that way and motivate other women to do so.

I started making jewelry quite recently. Big and expressive because I like it. A few months ago I started painting as well. I even had one small exhibition. All this began to happen as I realized that it was worth daring. That my age was no obstacle.

I love Iris Apfel and she is a continuous inspiration to me as a brave, self-conscious and very colorful woman. I would love to meet her. And my dream is to be photographed and featured by Ari Cohen on his wonderful blog "Advanced style" (

It is never too late to dream, right?

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