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Being creative, is it something we have within us or do we have to learn? Although we are all different, nothing comes for free. This week's woman sure has a lot of creativity, but also knows how it is to struggle to find the place in life where she wants to be. She even helps other to fulfill their dreams.

Name: Mandy Nicholson

Age: 55

Occupation: Artist, Author and Creative Genius Consultant

Family: Gary (husband) Becca (20) Dan (15) Jet (13-year-old black lab)

Lives in: Northumberland, UK

This interview is exciting to do, because you are a person with many things going on. You are a coach, an artist (paintings) and an author. Would you say that one thing is more your identity than another?

The artist is my identity but one I suppressed for 25 years whilst I did a "proper job". It was stepping into my creativity and truly understanding myself that allowed me to add my entrepreneurial skills and turn it into a profitable business. However, I also love to write and have lots planned.

The coach part came from my joy of working with women and seeing them grow and become so much more by stepping into their power and becoming entrepreneurs.

On your web page as a consultant/coach you say to the visitor that "You really want to unleash your creativity and have an amazing life, an awesome business and an incredible income." It is very directly speaking, can you explain some more?

I believe that every woman has a million-dollar business inside of them, what they often lack is the ability to become an entrepreneur and monetize their area of genius. Many creative women do not earn their worth and often undervalue themselves and their product or service. I teach women how to become an entrepreneur with multiple income streams, predictable income and a rock-solid strategy that works.

There is absolutely no reason that a creative woman can't earn as much as any other person on this planet. My mission is to teach this so that they can use their talent and make more money.

Your art is very colorful and with many special motifs. What inspires you and what do you want to tell with it?

I am producing a body of work about women and empowerment and I want it to be impactful when I exhibit it. The exhibit will consist of around 15 (large) paintings covering topics such as: low self-esteem; how women supporting each other is a thing of beauty; our physical scars; how when we chose to rise we are truly powerful; born to be amazing and how the power of words can impact us; sexual harassment; domestic violence; addiction - food, drugs, alcohol; menopause; environment and how women are the answer; control and mental abuse and much more.

Now you may not want these paintings on your living room wall but I do add an element of design to the message for beauty. I am doing this for impact and see the exhibition running alongside a powerful event with real women speaking and inspiring. Big vision needs powerful images.

You have also written two books. What are they about?

My first book "Cancer Diary of a Daughter" I wrote in the 43 days from my dad's diagnosis with terminal cancer to his death. It is a raw emotional book that I published as my memorial for him as he was re-married and his new wife did not like me and my sister so we had all control removed from us. It explores relationships when somebody you care about dies and finishes with my tribute to my dad.

My second book "The Life I Won" is a fictional story based on real life events. Ten years ago, I lost everything due to a series of unfortunate events. Following a car crash I lost my six figure executive job, my dad, my marriage, my business with my sister, every penny I had, my son was diagnosed with autism then I was made homeless and ended up in social housing with £ 30 in my bank and an old banger of a car.

I was at rock bottom. All in the space of 12 months. This book explores what happened in the form of a story and I share how I found the strength and mindset to keep going and forgive everybody and myself. It is an inspirational story of what really matters when you lose everything.

You can find my author page on Amazon here:

As a very creative person, what would like to say to inspire all women out there to not just let the time pass by?

Honestly, don't waste time saying that you don't have the time or the equipment; I did this for way too long. It was a loving Christmas gift in 2018 from my husband of a desktop easel, paints, pencils, paper and canvas with a message: "Stop talking about it and just do it", that spurred me into action. On Boxing Day 2018 I drew the dog to see if I still could, and on Boxing Day 2019 I launched my now, six figure creative business with clients already signed!

If you have creativity in you then DO IT! We need it right now in this world and you can be creative and wealthy!

Don't wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect!

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