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Working as a singer and traveling the world. Does it not sound lovely? It would be a dream for most of us, but for Louise Kennedy it was normal life for many years. Now she stays put and enjoys her life with great memories. But not traveling as before is not the same as doing nothing. Since she stopped singing she has created herself a new career. Follow her on her journey that she shares here with us.

Name: Louise Kennedy

Age: 64

Occupation: Spiritual teacher and transformational coach, songwriter, author

Family: Daughter: Grace 36 yrs, Adam, 22 yrs and granddaughter Jodie, 11 yrs

Lives: Presently in the UK but returning to my home in Australia next week

When you are younger, you were traveling the world as an opera singer. Which places did you go and do you miss that hectic time?

As an opera singer, I performed in many countries. After attending the prestigious National Opera Studio in London, I began working first of all in the UK, in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.

It wasn't long before I became sought after for jobs abroad. Over the years I worked in France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Germany, South Africa, Australia, USA, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Australia.

I miss the performing: the costumes, orchestras, colleagues, rehearsals and seeing the countries. Although when you travel for work it's not like being a tourist because you're too busy with what you are doing. You mainly see hotel rooms, rehearsal studios, theatres and restaurants. If you were very lucky you might have a few free days after the rehearsal period was over, and during the "run" of performances, where you might be able to do a bit of sightseeing. However I treasured the moments when I had time to see the places and they are valuable memories. But generally, you were concerned about conserving your strength for the shows!

It wasn't too hectic really, because in between the jobs, I would have time to rest at home. I could be with my family and study the next role that I was preparing, and, of course, work on my voice with my teacher. As a singer one always has to take care of it as it doesn't come by itself once you have learned how to sing. It's like an instrument, need to be kept in shape.

Music is still part of your life and you write songs now. Do you ever sing them in public?

Music will always be a part of my life. I still perform occasionally for parties and functions and I make it comedic... In fact, I make fun of certain arias and operas and do parody versions of them. It's different from what I used to do, but fun and appreciated.

I have also been writing and producing some songs of my own in collaboration with a music producer. I have only performed them in public once so far, but watch this space!

You have seen many countries, but Italy is special to you, what is it about the country that appeals to you?

Italy is special to me, yes. I love the food, the culture, the wine, the people and the dramatic and beautiful landscapes and architecture. I also lived there for a while in the mid-eighties and learned to speak Italian, actually even had an Italian lover and have many beautiful memories from that time. Whenever I return there I feel nostalgia for those amazing days!

In recent years I obtained a certificate qualifying me for teaching English as a second language and got a job in a small private English school in L'Aquila. I taught there for a year and loved every minute.

You have also written a book. What is that about?

My book is about my spiritual interest and work that I am passionate about and which I have been pursuing since my early 20's, when I studied yoga and meditation and became a teacher of it. I have since gone on to learn about consciousness, awareness, mindfulness and have also studied techniques and practices for raising awareness and, in doing so, achieving a level of appreciation and happiness with the present moment, enabling the creation of new and wonderful things in life.

I currently have clients that I coach in this work helping them to know themselves and create the lives they dream of. To help others is very rewarding.

Learning about all you are doing shows that one does not have to be young to try new things. This time in life can just as well be a start of something as being the time we stagnate.

I am 64 years of age now and am still learning and doing new things. Life is about expansion and growth and if we are not doing that, we stagnate and die internally, before we die physically. It is easy to see that in many people, who get to a certain age, retire and then try and fill their time with whatever until the end, but they are really not follow their passion or continue to explore. It causes ill health and depression. We don't need to stop living just because we retire.

My aim is never to stop doing the work and the things that I enjoy. I love exercising and continue to work out and keep myself young and fit. I keep my voice in shape. I keep my mind in shape too with constant studying the metaphysical subjects which I love. I write poetry, short stories (maybe the next things I will publish?) and I also paint. I have always been a great lover of red wine too, and that keeps me happy and mellow!

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