Hello and most welcome to Women's portraits 50 plus. This is a blog for women aged 50 and over. Here I will share one interview every week each Thursday. 

The interviews will be with ladies from all over the world. What I want is for you to be inspired and feel fellowship. Even if we live in different countries and live different lives, we also have much in common. Life is up and down, which we also will see when we read about other women. That is all right as long as we also can enjoy the good. 

And to all of you who will share your story here with the rest of us: Thank you so much for doing so!


I really love Paris!

It has something romantic and exotic about it, this lovely big town. Beatrice Lise came there many years ago and never left. Read her story on the blog and also meet a fascinating person. 


Gender equality, respect between people, treating others equaly and women's rights. So obvious to most of us, but still so much left to do. Do not miss tomorrow's interview about all this.

Living in Greece! 

You go there on vacation, you would love to stay, but you return home. Meet a woman on the blog this week who followed her dream many years ago and left her life in a cold Scandinavian country for the sunny island of Kos.


Welcome all ladies to our facebook group: 


Help through a divorce

Going through a divorce can be hard enough, but some even manage to think about others to give support. Read the interview on my blog about a woman who took her experiences and helped other women.

A lot of topics and some interviews

After last week's blog post I have been thinking, and it has been about all the topics that have been discussed here and how the women telling their stories have shared and that I do not want them to be forgotten. Not that I really think they will, but I feel I ought to remind about them. So here I am doing so.

As there are so many I can not highlight them all, and I have no intention to rank them as they all tells a special story and are equally important. However, just to remind of the variety and how we all have our story to tell, here are some of them.

The very first interview was about being at the bottom, then changing things and feeling on top, a story most inspiring: 


Another woman told about blooming after suddenly feeling invisible due to age. Of course we 50 plus women should be seen as much as younger ones. 


Then it was the interview about how it was to be a black woman in South Africa and being a politician. Both impressive and informative reading.


You who have not been reading my blog from the beginning, go to "Blog" and you will find all the interviews. All worth to read. 

See you next week with a new one! 

One year!

That is exactly as long as I have done the blog and it has been so much fun and a pleasure to meet so many women, although not in person but via e-mails and text messages. They have openly told about their lives and shared with all the rest of us. They have given us inspiration and support, two things that is the foundation to why I do this. Then of course I do the blog because even women not as young deserve to be seen and listen to.

I will not mention any names, but the subjects sure have been many and even if we all come from different countries and have different culture, we are so similar in many ways. Some of the things which has been talked about here are ageism, emigration, bucket list, recovering from drug addiction, menopause, changing career, fashion and being a women in politics. Women from four continents have been interviewed.

Happy birthday to the blog and now I look forward to another year and to meet all the women who are about to be on it telling their story. 

Strong mom, strong daughter

Being raised by a strong mom gives a good start in life, and that is what today's woman had. Go to the blog and read the interview.

"Colors represent love and life"

Style is personal, but whatever style we choose, it can always include colors. Welcome to read this interview with someone who is not shy to be seen.

Ageism and sexism

                            Many women have experienced discrimination, some get                              involved to change it to the better. Welcome to read this latest interview about those issues. 

Telling her daughter's story

Read the story about losing a dear child and fight against prejudice from the society when it comes to mental illness.

Read today's blog published now about emigrating. 

Emigrated as a child

                           On Thursday you will meet a woman who moved from one                                   continent to another as a child. How is it to settle down in                     another part of the world and then stay there?

Enjoy this week's interview with 

a dedicated yogi!


On Thursday the  intreview will be about yoga and with a passionate yogi. You do not want to miss that one. Welcome then.

Outfits for women over 50

Looking good after 50? Of course we can! Read the interview (Blog button) with a lady who is a personal stylist and also check out her Instagram. 

Interviews to come

Hello all readers. A little break here again as I am on vacation, but next week there will be a new one with an interesting lady. Coming interviews will be about yoga, fashion, traveling and other things. But of course also more serious topics will be on the blog, as usual. 

Since I started this blog in September, I have met so many different women and it has been so interesting to hear all various stories. I am also grateful for all who will share whatever it may be, in here. My intention with this blog was to inspire, support and highlight us women over fifty. I feel that it has been exatly so.

Another goal I had was to "visit" several different countries, and recently a lady in Poland told about her country and the situation for women there. Such stories are both interesting and educating. If you who read this feel that you also have something you would like to tell about here on my blog, just send me an e-mail and let me know. Have a nice summer!

Bucket list

                            From now on I will put the interviews only under "Blog", so                                           go there and read what this week's lady tells about her                        bucket list and what it has done for her. 


Done a bucket list to reach your goals? On Thursday you will meet a lady who did and it took her where she wanted. Welcome then.


                            Hello all readers. This and next week I will have a break for                        holiday, so see you in two weeks. 

Starting a business

Starting a business at the age of 61? Why not? 

Meet a woman tomorrow that did just that. 


Just a comment here about the Facebook group. It is a group for women. Sorry men! Still all interview's are here for anyone to read and if you have  comments och questions, just contact me. 

Music and writing

                        This week we will meet a woman who loves changes and                            challanges in life. Music and writing is something that means much to her. Welcome to read on Thursday. 

Passion for writing

Ever dreamt about writing you own book and then have it published?

Feel that you are too old?

Then read the interview tomorrow and learn that you are not. 


Are you a lady 50 plus? Do you like this site and the interviews? 

Then join the facebook group where you can read and discuss: 


Taking good care of oursevles

On Thursday I will interview a woman who truly enjoy life and take care of herself. She also inspire others to do the same. See you then. 

A worldwide blog

So far this blog has had interviews with women from Europe, 

Australia, North America and Africa. 

It would be great if you ladies from Asia, Middle and 

South America also would like to be on Women's portraits.

Interested? Just go to the top and the button Contact and let me know. 

All kind of stories are welcome. 

Make your dream come true

Dreaming about starting your own business? Feeling it is too scary? Tomorrow you will learn about a woman who followed her dream. 

In the meantime, take a look at her Facebook group: 


Changes on my blog

Hello all! Just an ordinary post this week as things have changed on my blog and it was a while since I "spoke" with you. Next week though it will be a new interview like usually. And for you who have not been here before, this blog is an interview blog with women 50 plus. Being middle age and older means that there are so much to tell and one has so much knowledge and experience. Why not show it and let 50 plus women take more place in social media? 

Anyway, the latest days I have been working with converting the interviews to individual posts under a button called "Blog" which you can see up in the right corner. This means that you easily will find all of them and it is a few considering that I began this blog 13th of September last year. To do this had been on my mind for a while, but as I had only had positive respons on my blog/site, I let it be as it was. 

Then the latest women that I interviewed asked about individual posts so they could share the interview with only themselves. I agree that it is much better the way it is now, and as soon as time will let me, all the interviews will be find under the blog-button. If there are other wishes for improvement, just let me know. I want this site to be as inviting and easy to navigate on as possible. 

So, is this positive in some other way? Yes it absolutely is. The number of visitors are much higher, which means that the stories the ladie's are sharing will be read by many more. That is of course one of my goals. No need to make an effort if no one sees it. Many also have their own blogs or companies and therefore it is a great way of show whatever they are doing. 

The subjects we have spoken about during all those months since mid September have been many and I can not tell how grateful I am for all that shares their thoughts and lives. I know many have been inspired by reading the interviews. So once again: Thank you all! Perhaps you who are reading this have something to share with all of us? Do not hesitate to contact me. Nothing is too small to tell. Also, if you miss something, a subject that would be interesting, tell me also then and I will do my best to do an interview about it. 

Finally I want to wish you all a nice Easter. Hope you will relax and enjoy the holiday. See you soon again.

Be happy!

Do we choose our own happiness, or do we feel the way we do regardless of attitude? Meet tomorrow's woman and hear her thoughts about this.

Moving abroad

That is exactly what Elwira Kotowska has done, first time to Sweden, 

next time to exotic Greece, where she works with properties. 

Meet her in two days. 

How to stay healthy and keep the weight for decades?

Want to know? Read this week's interview of Thursday. 

Want to chat with other ladies? Please join our facebook group: 

Women's portraits 50 plus

Changing lifestyle

Do you want to be inspired to live more healthy? Then read tomorrow's interview. It does not need to be so hard.

Tomorrow you will meet the author of this book. Welcome then.

Photo: Johan Strindberg

A pause on the blog

Hello all! Yes I know, an interview should already have been put out here. Unfortunately I do not have access to my own computer at the moment and I am not able to reach all the text/documents that I need. How annoying it may be, I have to give up after several tries. There will be a new interview in March again. Thank you so much for understanding. 

Hello all readers!

If you have not been to this blog before, you may have noticed that there are no men here, well, at least not that I have interviewed, but it may very well be men reading of course. Although the blog is for women and them over 50 years of age, even others are welcome of course. As there are many interesting stories here, one does not have to be a woman or over 50 to enjoy them. So hello and welcome whoever you are.

To me it means a lot to do this blog as many of you already know and I am so glad when I hear what it means for them being interviewed. That makes me feel that what I am doing is right and exactly what I want to achive. 

The other day I received an e-mail from one of all ladies I have interviewed: 

Just saying "Hello", Katharina! I love reading your blog and I am very fond of the fact that I was part of it. Keep it up! You are giving us a voice and - I am sure - inspiration for many followers. Thanks and warmest greetings, XX

Giving women a voice and inspiration at the same time were two of the things I had in mind when I started this blog, so having it confirmed like this means a lot to me. When I do the interviews I am very particular about that all shall be comfortable. This blog is not about telling the most sentional stories to have as many readers as possible, it is simply about showing women as they are and nothing else. Being over 50 also means a lot of life experience and therefore the stories are so interesting. 

Perhaps you also have something to share? Just contact me. As this blog is in English, ladies from all countries are welcome. Last week Women's portraits went to South Africa and took us to the fourth continent. Not too bad covering so many since only September, eh!

But regardless where you live and what story you have, please share it here and inspire others, or you may be a great support depending on what 

story you tell. Have a lovely week-end!

Women in power!

How is it to be a female politician in South Africa? 

In two days you will find out. Welcome then.

On Thursday, 

the interview will be about a difficult childhood and how to handle that. Many know how it is, not all want to speak about it. Other judge. 

Welcome then and read Janet's story.

Exploring the world

 and enjoying life!

If you want to meet a woman who has done a lot in life, 

then read tomorrow's interview. You will be inspired.

What to wear?

Do you ever ponder about that in the morning? Read tomorrow's interview and look at this week's ladies blog, and you will find lots of inspiration. 

See you all next day.

Hello ladies!

Just a reminder that Women's portraits 50 plus have a facebook group with the same name. You are all welcome to read and discuss there. 

Happy holidays!

Women's portraits wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

See you 3rd of January again.

Worried about adult children?

If you are, you are far from alone. Tomorrow Shea Delaney shares her thought about this topic and how she herself deals with it.

Three month of women's portraits!

Hello ladies. Already Friday and no, I did not forget the blog yesterday, but was out of town and could not do any post from the device that I had with me. Annoying. But here I am and this week it will not be an interview, but some thoughts and comments. Next week though, the interview will be about worrying when it comes to grown up children. Seems as it never stops and being a mom is a lifelong commitment.

Anyway, now three months have passed since I started this blog and to be honest the reactions has been more positive than I could have wish for. Thank you all for that. Thanks also to the ladies that let me interview you. As the topics has been many, like for example finding a new job after 50, going from poor lifestyle to healthy, dressing smart for the age, how to plan for retirement and the pleasure of having grandchildren, it has been both inspiration and support in the stories that have been told.

The countries from where all women come are many and so far we have covered three continents. What about that! My goal is to tell stories from many more countries, but it has been a good start, that is for sure. Even if we come from different countries and cultures, it is always fascinating to see how similar we are. The challenges in life are pretty much the same even if we live in the USA, Sweden or Australia, to mention some countries that we have been to.

Now, three months after I started doing this interview blog, it has absolutely turn out to what I wanted it to be, a place for only 50 plus women. We are an active group of people, we have more pover and are better educated, and compared to the women some decades ago we are more and more visible. I love to see all women that now is shown in advertises for clothes and make-up. To think about it, how come it has been any other way? I also find it positive that we demand to be seen and want our space in media or wherever it may be. We also talk about whatever we like, no taboo anylonger and that is great. 

There are so many places for younger women and also for men, showing only mature ladies was something I wanted to do to contribute to this change as we simply deserves it.

Perhaps you have something, big or small, (nothing is too simple) that you would like to share with us. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if so.

Have a nice week-end!

What would you like to read about?

The ladies that I have had the privilege to interview have shared many different stories. What else would you like to read about? Or do you perhaps have something to share with the rest of us? 

Send me an e-mail at k.wallenborg@mail.com

Meet a globetrotter

Dreaming about seeing the world? Next lady, Annmarie Goldmann, did more than just dreamt. Meet her on Thursday.

US lady next

On Thursday you will meet the next woman, Lynette Sheppard from Hawaii and Nevada, USA. Welcome then and see what she has to say. As always it will be interesting.

About to retire?

Then you would not like to miss the next interview. 

Jan Wild started a blog about the years to come together with her partner when the couple retired. Now they share what one needs to think about to have the most out of the new life.

Looking good after 50? Of course!

On Thursday you will be able to read about and be inspired from 

Laurie Bronze, a true fashion lady. 

Australia next

Tuesday already and only two days from now next interview will be published. Meet Kathy Marris from New South Wales, 

a lady that makes the most of her time. 

Did you know that Women's portraits 50 plus has a facebook group? Welcome there!

New interview on its way

Next interview will be as interesting as the others have been. It is about Patti Huck who runs a community for ladies over 50. 

Do not miss that. Soon it will be out.

Only one day left

Tomorrow you will meet Lisa Ayala from the USA. 

Read about her love for her grandchildren. 

Next interview

Monday and new week. Hope it has started well. When I wrote last week and developed some more about this blog, I said that following Thursday will be as usually, with a new lady sharing her story. This time it will be about a grandmother telling how much her grandchildren mean to her. I hope it will be pleasant reading regardless of being a grandmother yourself or not. So, see you then!

About the blog and me

Yes, it is Thursday, and normally I would put an interview out here, but today I am going to talk a little about the blog and reflect upon the first month of it. I will begin with saying thank you for all the positive comments. I am truly overwhelmed as there has been nothing bad said so far. May come though! 

Anyway, it has been lots of fun doing this. During those five weeks I have recieved questions both on why I am doing the blog, who I am and even how I find the ladies that I interview. I though I should develop this a little bit more, even if I have been rather clear about the blog itself and also written some about why I am doing it. 

When I turned 50 three years ago, it was my best birthday. Not in every way as I was in a difficult situation in life, but still I had a great day, a calm one, but great still. The fact that I share birhtday with the famous Agatha Christie, who should have been 125 then, did not make it worse of course. I think that why I felt fine with being older was the fact that I had been pondering a lot of ageing. Then I began to read a magazine for women 50 plus and also joined different facebook groups and talked with friends about getting older. Somehow it was like being 20 again, it kind of started all over with a new part, a second phase ahead and now I was at the beginning of the new so to speak. 

I can not say that I like all about growing older. Health change to the worse, that is for sure, wrinkles come and even the knees have them! But there are other things in life that at least I feel is something that is positive and that is that one has lots of knowledge in combination with life experience. That is truly a positive thing. For example it helps us taking better decisions. Many also feel that they know better who they are, which absolutely is an advantage. Then if we compare with the generations before us, we are certainley not old. Older yes, but most of us can look forward to many, many years to come with good quality. 

To sum it up, life is more difficult in some ways, but the advantage of getting older usually is bigger than the disadvantage of it. Reading about all women that I did, and seeing friends and workmates around my age and older, some much older, told me that life goes on and it does not at all have to be bad getting older. It can even get better. So since the day I turned 50, I have embraced this age and honestly love it. I find it so rewarding to read and learn about other women, even if the stories not always are about success or happy things, but they are about life, and life includes both ups and downs. 

Out of all those thoughts this blog developed and I am so glad I did it and not left it as a thought. In this blog I want to show life's different sides. It can both support and inspire, but also motivate us to take new ways in life, or finding new interests or something else. One woman also asked me where I find the ones that I interview. The answer is: different ways and so far I have found them myself. I am keeping my eyes open all the time if someone shows up that would be nice to interview. But if you have a story to tell or know someone else who has, please contact me. 

When it comes to me and who I am, I have mostly been in politics, mainly as a political secretary and a municipal commissioner. After leaving that life, I have written a book about politics, written debate articles, started a political blog,  and also been studying. I am married and have three grown up children, and also a cat. 

Thanks for reading, and do not hesitate to send your thoughts. Next Thursday another lady will be here telling her story. Look out for that.

Interview on its way

Yes ladies, it is Thursday again and an interview is on its way. Next will be with Carol Turner from Canada. Please be patient and within some hours it will be published. 

Thursday tomorrow and a new interview again!

Only one day left to the next, and fourth, interview. This time we will learn about Lyn Oualah from the United Kingdom telling about her work helping children and adults with ADHD and similar diagnoses. Do not miss that

Why are you doing this blog? 

I was asked that question during the week-end and although I did answer directly to the person, and also have told why here on the blog, I continued to ponder about it. First of all I have to admit that it is a great pleasure to do this and I find it very interesting to hear about different life stories. But except for the fun part, I know that many goes through a difficult phase when leaving the 40's and suddenly being closer to 60 than to 40. Hearing about others and their stories can be something positive then. Many may feel old, but hey, we are not old! We are just older, but still have so many years to come if we are lucky. 

When I turned 50 I wanted this "second part" of life to be something great and felt that it was the start of something new. In some way it was like being 20 again with so much to come. On the other hand my body told me that I was far from that young age. Still, I was at the beginning of this second part and I asked myself what I would like to do with it and how to use my time the best way. 

I would lie if I said that I am as affective as I would like to, but I do try to do as much as possible and one thing that has helped me and also inspire me is to read about this age and other ladies. I have done that on the internet and in magazines and it has showed me that although we face new problems related to being older, this other half of it can be great. So I guess that these years of being 50 plus has lead to this blog and to celebrate 50 plus life. We can read a lot about young women and about men, but this is for us!

Before starting the blog I looked on the internet to see if there already was a blog like this, and I did not find any. Still I wanted to read one and here it is. I hope you enjoy the reading and if you have a story to share or know someone, just let me know. 

Have a nice week, regards Katharina Wallenborg

Hello again!

As you may have noticed the blog was out of order for some days. I regret that or course, but it was technical problems with an update that Webnode did, and it will not happen again.

However, here we are again and tomorrow it is Thursday and you will then meet Cindy Valenti, a woman that did a huge change in life after 50. Do not miss that.

Welcome ladies! 

Last week we met Lorraine C Ladish who really makes the best of life and who inspires others with her energy. Tomorrow you will be able to read about Lotta Borgman, a Swedish 50 plus lady that tells about how to find a new job at this age and also how she takes care of the freedom and time she got now when the kids have flown the nest. Do not miss that.

And to you who have not found us at facebook yet, search for: 

Women's portraits 50 plus

Look out for Thursday 13th of September. Then the very first interview will be published.